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Ecommerce 2019

Ecommerce 2019

Ecommerce 2019 can be a great platform for the speakers as well as delegates, to learn about the latest news and industry trends. You’ll be able to network with other ecommerce professionals and gain valuable insights into how you can improve your online business. Sessions will cover topics like SEO, payments, branding, data science, content marketing, artificial intelligence and more. With dozens of speakers, ranging from big-name companies to promising start-ups, More than just a conference, the Ecommerce Summit is an interactive skill-building experience for all B2C and B2B professionals interested in learning about the latest tips and techniques to drive company growth in an online marketplace.

Details of E-Commerce Conference in 2019 in Spain: organizing E-Commerce Conference in 2019 in Spain. We organize Business Meetings in the fields related to it like Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship.

Conference Name



            E-Commerce 2019             

           Madrid, Spain          

 November  18- 19, 2019        


The E-trade Summit is an different, invitation-best conference for stores and brands. At this two-day conference, you’ll get to know ecommerce marketers and merchants who are as driven as you are. And you’ll come away with a better understanding of your own data and how you can put it to use for your business – fast. Our precise business model enables stores and brands to join totally free and guarantees a very unbiased conference application. Focusing at the European market and the following 3 verticals- Fashion & Lifestyle, Home & Living and Food & Care-, the pinnacle trending subjects on E-commerce can be widely addressed.

Exclusive Content: In addition to independent, excessive-stage keynote audio system, main shops might be sharing their business cases with you.

Effective Networking: In a series of constructive one-to-one conferences, you will get hold of tailored recommendation on developing your business from professionals and revel in-based totally insights from peers.

Great Ambience: Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the best Madrid venue in November!

Timesaving: The Summit schedule will allow you to spend just one night away from home

Target Audience

Experts related to the broad areas of  Marketing and Management  are most likely to attend  ecommerce 2019  conference and utilize the scope of extending their skills, work on basic and significant applications and people doing their masters and research work in various related streams are also likely to attend this conference.

Ecommerce 2019 will be useful to participants from both the Industry and Academia working in all the domains of Marketing and Management and professional’s from interrelated fields.

  • Directors, CEO's
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Societies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Professors, Deans,
  • Students, Ph.D. Scholars
  • Marketing People
  • Business Development Managers
  • Stake Holders and Decision Makers
  • HR Professionals and Logistics
  • Community Leaders and Policy Makers
  • Marketing Representatives and Salespeople
  • Technology Professionals and Customer Service Reps

Entrepreneurship in ecommerce

E-trade is a robust trend throughout many exceptional industries. The occurrence and availability of the Internet makes retail web sites a famous way for companies to sell each services and products. While e-commerce appeals to many people thanks to the ease and low charges often related to start-up, it's miles nonetheless essential for new enterprise owners to own basic business abilities. Operating an e-trade commercial enterprise effectively nonetheless demands all of the advertising, planning, and control abilities that different forms of enterprise require.

Digital Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

The merchandising of products or brands through one or more forms of digital media. For instance, advertising and marketing mediums that might be used as a part of the digital advertising method of a business should consist of promotional efforts made through the Internet, social media, cell phones and digital billboards, in addition to through digital and television and radio channels. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a company pays compensation to third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are referred to as affiliates and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to promote the company.

E-commerce best practices

One of the biggest advantages of the digital era is the ability to buy and sell online. Shoppers enjoy a secure buying surroundings whilst on-line retailers have get right of entry to to a international market. No surprise the percentage of e-commerce retail income is steadily developing. Online retailers in less developed markets miss out on even more opportunities. Merging business model and web development awareness is a challenge that prevents many retailers from entering the digital commerce arena and expanding at the pace of recent technologies.

New Marketing Methods for Brands

Products are made within the factory, however brands are created within the mind. The physical value of your products may be easy to calculate, however your customers' perceptions are what in reality decide the fee your logo and products have within the market place. Because of this, your ability to construct cost into your brand and speak that cost to customers through your advertising and marketing is vital to the long time fulfillment of your organization. It’s hard to assign a financial fee to a logo, however regardless of how intangible emblem equity may additionally seem, a sturdy logo reaps good sized commercial enterprise advantages from cognizance, credibility, reputation, customer pride.

Cognitive Supply Chain Management

Cognitive supply chains analyze all types of data within the supply chain ecosystem, both internal (such as point-of-sale, material inventory, work-in-process, and inbound shipments) and external (weather forecasts, social sentiment and market trends). Based on integrated continuous planning and connected execution models, AI has the ability to establish network orchestration, which will exponentially increase supply chain velocity by using algorithmic decision-making and automated execution.

Fast-fashion & New Ways of Marketing

Essentially, it is when the production process is accelerated in order to get new catwalk trends into stores or online as quickly as possible. It additionally reflects the growing customer choice for speed and fee inside retail. It means that, instead of waiting for new seasonal collections (i.e. spring / summer), consumers can get their hands on a continuous cycle of trend-led clothing, all year round. There are of course  many ways to customise these approaches to your own needs. If you wish to develop your wholesale strategy, sell efficiently to your current retailers and connect with new ones, fashion trade is the best way of marketing.

Start-ups and Real Global Entrepreneurship

Start-ups are seen as nation builders as they create a positive contribution to the nation’s economy and create jobs. They are identified as a newly emerged, fast-growing business that targets to meet a marketplace need by developing a viable business model around an innovative product, process, platform or some service. With their growing success they can bring fruitful economic benefits in the long run. This start up landscape has been growing rapidly over the world to create a change. As we hear the word “Global Entrepreneur”, the question that strikes our mind is that what do they do? A Global Entrepreneur struggles to develop entrepreneurial leadership through real-world experience in a start-up. If you are looking for a short but intense professional experience and have an interest in the world of start-ups, this is  the right choice for you!

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers back to the software that exists with the intention of automating advertising movements. Many marketing departments must automate repetitive obligations inclusive of emails, social media, and different internet site actions. The generation of marketing automation makes those duties simpler. With advertising automation, agencies can target clients with computerized messages across e mail, web, social, and textual content. Messages are despatched routinely, according to sets of instructions known as workflows. Workflows may be described by means of templates, custom-constructed from scratch, or modified mid-campaign to achieve higher consequences.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence advertising and marketing (AI Marketing) is a way of leveraging client facts and AI concepts like system gaining knowledge of to expect your client’s subsequent flow and enhance the consumer journey. The evolution of large records and advanced analytic solutions have made it viable for marketers to construct a clearer image of their goal audiences than ever before; and on this hotbed of advancement lies artificial intelligence (AI) marketing. There are a few key elements that make AI advertising and marketing as effective as it's far these days, including bid information, system studying and the proper solutions.

Contextual and Programmatic Advertising

Contextual advertising and marketing is advertising and marketing on a internet site this is relevant to the page’s content material. In traditional contextual advertising, automatic structures display advertisements related to the content material of your website based totally on keyword focused on. Programmatic advertising and marketing is seen as the future of marketing on the internet, with Google concentrated on 60% of digital advertising and marketing budgets spent on Programmatic via subsequent one year. According to Forrester, programmatic will account for most people of all digital advertising spending over the following few years.

Product Content syndication

Content syndication is the process of publishing and promoting original web content, such as articles, blogs, and videos, on third-party websites. Quality content syndication networks typically have large, established audiences, and higher domain permissions. Whenever you share your content on these platforms, you can increase your site’s visibility and brand’s credibility. It can also improve your SEO. Content syndication can help you achieve a variety of goals. It may be driving traffic to the main site in a way similar to SEO or paid search or building your product’s user base, or maybe something totally different.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, also called m-commerce or m-commerce, includes any monetary transaction completed using a mobile device. It is an advancement of ecommerce, enabling people to buy and sell goods or services from almost anywhere, simply using a mobile phone or tablet device. While m-commerce covers a wide variety of transactions, they can all be categorized several types like Mobile shopping, Mobile banking, Mobile Payments

Blockchain & FinTech

Blockchains are a natural fit for eCommerce, since they were designed for storing transactional data. However, this data doesn't need to be financial. It can be any distinct action that requires an immutable record, including actions related to payment and order fulfillment . Fintech’s greatest contribution to global ecommerce has been altering and improving the online payment system. In countries where consumers do not have credit or debit cards or bank accounts, fintech has provided alternative payment methods. Without fintech cross-border ecommerce would be almost impossible.

Disruption in retail: efficiency versus experience

Digital transformation. At its highest level, it means using digital technologies to create game-changing business innovations that disrupt existing industries or create whole new ones. That’s a pretty simple definition, but it quickly gets very difficult to drive that down to specifics. People point to Spotify or Uber, where technology upended a market. With Spotify (digital streaming), physical media for delivering music became irrelevant. With Uber, technology can connect people who need rides with people who have cars with some ride capacity. In both cases, it changed the economics of the impacted industry in radical ways.

Social Payments Make Shopping Seamless

Frictionless payment moves the consumer through stress-free shopping and checkout accurate, fast no unnecessary information required. Consumers value that speed and convenience, and as AI aids the development of social commerce and voice-activated devices, that immediacy will become table stakes for retailers. Consumers will come to expect to complete purchases from a chat window and for their smart device to anticipate and process purchases for them. Creating an expedited checkout process will not only cause less frustration from consumers, but may encourage them to come back to your site and shop again due to the quick checkout time.


There are loads of definitions accessible for what market studies truely is, and how it is able to assist your on line enterprise. But market research doesn’t should be complex. At the end of the day, it’s all about discovering exactly what your customers want from you. Market research gives you both a qualitative and quantitative understanding of why your ideal customers would want to buy your products.


First things first, global ecommerce is selling products or services across geopolitical borders from a company’s country of origin – normally defined as its founding or incorporating location. Products or services are offered into non-native markets through online income and marketing. Cumulative data anticipates a 276.9% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales over the most-recently tracked period.


Numbers of that scale are hard to wrap our heads around. They’re right away invigorating and daunting. If your company is staring down that $4.5 trillion barrel and questioning, “Where can we start?” rest assured, you’re now not alone. The fantasy of a without borders world has come crashing down. Traditional pillars of open markets — the United States and the UK — are wobbling, and China is positioning itself as globalization’s staunchest defender.” We’ll unpack that quote and more below. For now, the big idea is simple, the shadow of global ecommerce looms too large to ignore.

To start, going global doesn’t necessarily require a global presence. Online shoppers are increasingly looking outside their country’s borders for purchases. In fact, during one six-month evaluation, overseas purchases were in the majority on all but one continent is North America.

None of that demands multiple storefronts for each place or putting in global warehousing and success. One of the best methods to start trying out foreign markets is to prioritize online advertising or social media abroad. This requires an international method to Google Ads, Product Listing Ads, Facebook, and Instagram via geographic targeting. The cost of launching geographic money owed irrespective of the platform is minimum. Promoting social content material and marketing on line in different nations, even though all you do is track engagement instead of income, tests viability. But possibly the nice method is to experiment with marketplaces in goal regions in which 60% of world on line sales now take area.



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